I. secure se‧cure 1 [sɪˈkjʊə ǁ -ˈkjʊr] verb [transitive]
1. to get something you need after a lot of effort:

• The airline has secured financing of $150 million from private sponsors.

2. FINANCE to promise a lender that they can take certain assets, such as property or shares, if their loan is not paid back within the agreed time limit:

• Borrowers generally are required to secure a loan with personal property as collateral.

secure something against/​on something

• The debt is secured on some of the company's assets.

  [m0] II. secure secure 2 adjective
1. FINANCE investments or companies which are secure are not likely to lose money:

• a financially secure company

• Higher yields are considered to be less secure.

2. feeling confident about a particular situation, especially one which concerns the future:

• The frequent announcements of staff cuts are making Americans feel less secure in their jobs.

3. safe and protected from damage, change, being stolen etc:

• Customers want guarantees that cash machines will be secure from unauthorized use.

• The single currency is giving industry more secure operating conditions.

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secure UK US /sɪˈkjʊər/ verb [T]
to manage to get money or achieve something, often something difficult: secure financing/a loan/a grant »

They hope to secure a $500,000 federal grant to cover some of the development costs.


secure a deal/contract/commitment


secure a win/victory


The Chinese bank secured $3.5 billion in offers within the first few days of its flotation.

FINANCE to borrow money from a person or organization by agreeing that they can have your property or assets if you cannot pay it back: secure sth against/on sth »

The extra debt will be raised by selling bonds secured on the hotel and restaurant assets.


He had used the boat as collateral to secure a $10,000 loan.

to protect something from risk or threat: »

This investment is a good way of securing your family's financial future.


Cost savings will help secure jobs by improving competitiveness.


Police were quick to secure the area when they received the warning of a terrorist attack.

secure UK US /sɪˈkjʊər/ adjective
if someone's future, investment, or job is secure, they feel confident that it will continue and not fail or be lost: »

Although the high returns of recent years cannot continue indefinitely, many still see property as a secure investment.


Executives reassured existing employees that their jobs are secure.

safe and protected from the risk of an attack or crime: »

The latest technology allows customers to make secure online transactions.


a secure line/network/site


a secure area/building

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